Development of aptamer-based strip assay (Ara-Strip) and electrochemical sensor (Ara-Sens) for detection of the peanut allergens

Peanut products are known to contain allergens capable of causing severe and life threatening allergic reactions. Classically, Ara h 1, Ara h 2, and Ara h 3 are considered to be the major peanut allergens, whereas Ara h 9 is the most prevalent allergen in Mediterranean countries. Current detection methods of peanut allergens are expensive and require centralized laboratories and highly trained personnel. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop rapid, simple, economic, and reliable assays for the detection of peanut allergens. The proposed project aims at the development of aptamers, structured single stranded DNA molecules, for specific detection of peanut allergens. These aptamers will be further utilized to develop an aptamer-based strip assay (Ara-Strip) and aptamer-based electrochemical sensor (Ara-Sens) for the detection of the four peanut allergens. These assays are intended for commercialization by our industrial partner who is interested in the production of quick and economical tests for allergens

Pavel Milman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Maxim Berezovski