Development of an assessment tool for individualization of a smoking cessation protocol using a smart pulmonary inhaler and a mobile self-care application

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Despite significant efforts in the area of prevention and treatment, tobacco and e-cigarette addictions remain a recognized public health problem in Canada. Artificial intelligence (AI) in health offers an innovative avenue in tobacco treatment: the combination of an intelligent pulmonary inhaler coupled with a mobile health app would offer a real-time nicotine cessation and self-care personalized protocol aimed at helping the user quit smoking or, at least, reduce the harms associated with tobacco consumption.
In order to individualize the device and calibrate the AI algorithms, a comprehensive initial assessment tool needs to be developed. To do so, the research team will adopt a structured method that respects current scientific, clinical and ethical standards.

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Malgré des efforts importants dans le champ de la prévention et du traitement, la dépendance au tabac et à la cigarette électronique demeure un problème de santé publique reconnu au Canada.

Christelle Luce
Faculty Supervisor: 
Annett Körner
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