Development of an embedded piezoelectric sensor for bearing fault detection

Rolling element bearings act as the heart of rotating machines. Any imperfection in their condition can lead to an abrupt failure which can be catastrophic. For more than two decades, implementing sensors for condition monitoring of bearings has been beneficial in preventing abrupt failure and fault detection. These sensors require a noise-free atmosphere to have optimal performance, however, noise and vibration from other machines are an unpreventable part of an industrial environment. Therefore, these sensors lose their efficiency in early fault detections, and due to their expensive price, many industries ignore using them. In this research, we have proposed a new type of low-cost sensor that can be implemented in the heart of the machine, as close as possible to the bearing. This technique can increase the efficiency of the sensor in fault detection, and due to being low-cost, it is expected to attract more industries toward condition monitoring.

Ali Safian
Faculty Supervisor: 
Xihui Liang
Partner University: