Development of a gas/liquid contactor for CO2 capture

High capital and operational costs together with the need of large process units remain a challenge for the widespread application of carbon capture and storage in carbon-intensive industries. Industrial Climate Solutions Inc have proposed the utilization of the Regenerative Froth Contactor (RFC) - a technology originally developed as a biological-chemical filter - as a process for carbon capture and storage. The use of a RFC could significantly improve the efficiency and robustness of the capture stage with significant size and cost reductions. The project aims to study the performance of a novel gas/liquid contactor for a range of applications and with a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary solvents in order to optimize its design and operation conditions. Specifically, this project will include development and execution of test & quality assurance plans, and modeling, analysis, interpretation and reporting of performance results.

Luis D. Virla
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nader Mahinpey
Partner University: