Development of an Improved Airborne Cat Dander Dispersion System in a Cat Allergen (Fel d1) Exposure Chamber

Red Maple Trials (Ottawa, ON) created a new facility where patients can be exposed to airborne Fed d1 cat allergen. In this facility, the patient’s symptoms (with or without medication intervention) can be monitored in a controlled manner. Male cats are kept in the exposure chamber furnished with blankets. These blanket sheets are shaken vigorously during an exposure test with an hour of duration. In the current project, a modified robotic vacuum will be used to disperse and make Fel d1 that has been settled on the floor of the exposure chamber to become airborne. Airborne allergen concentration and size distribution will be monitored in time. It is expected that more homogeneous allergen concentration and spatial distribution in this exposure chamber will allow better competitiveness for the company to attract pharmaceutical companies. Nevertheless, allergy research regarding the approval of new medication (with better efficacy) can impact a significant portion of allergic patients in Canada and abroad.

Rym Mehri
Faculty Supervisor: 
Edgar Matida
Partner University: