Development of Inexpensive Bio-based Insulation Foams from Crop Residues and Agricultural Wastes

Spray foam plays an important role in building insulation. By far, the only commercially available spray foam is petroleum-based polyurethane foam produced by reacting isocyanate and polyol. This project aims to investigate bio-oil acrylate-amine (BOAA) foam insulation materials with the following characteristics: 1) Bio content >60%; 2) R value 3.4-6.7 (the same R range for polyurethane foams); 3) Limiting oxygen index (LOI) 30 vol%; 4) Compressive strength 10-25 psi; 5) A cost lower than polyurethane foam; 6) Foam preparation by onsite spray.

Qiang Wei
Faculty Supervisor: 
Charles Chunbao Xu
Partner University: