Development of Innovative Anaerobic Digestion Technologies for Enhanced Energy Recovery from Cattle Manure

This project explores the use of new anaerobic digestion technologies such as the vacuum-assisted anaerobic digestion as well as innovative pretreatment technologies including the high-shear thermo-alkaline Lystek process and other mechanical, thermal, and chemical pretreatments to enhance the solubilization of the lignocellulose in cattle manure. Enhanced solubilization will result in higher biomethane yields and faster kinetics, resulting in smaller and more efficient farm digesters. The project will develop a new steady-state design model for farm digesters treating lignocelluosic wastes with and without pretreatment. A techno-economic evaluation of the various technologies will be undertaken both to benchmark the process economics as well as identify niche market opportunities for various farm sizes. The partner organization as a leading municipal biosolids treatment engineering consultant in North America, will be able to expand in the emerging agricultural renewable energy market.

Basem Haroun
Faculty Supervisor: 
George Nakhla
Partner University: