Development of an isobar separator for anions for accelerator mass spectrometry

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry is a highly sensitive technique for measuring the concentration of certain long-lived isotopes, such as carbon-14. Recently, the use of an ion-gas reaction cell before the accelerator has been shown to enhance this sensitivity, particularly for smaller accelerators, and to extend the application of this technique to more isotopes. Isobarex Corporation has been formed to develop a commercial instrument embodying this technology and is currently designing such an instrument. The intern will participate in tests needed to finalize this design, using the existing proofof-principle equipment at the IsoTrace Lab (Universities of Toronto and Ottawa). The intern will gain industrial experience by participating in the progress of this design as it becomes a marketable deviceand will carry out research contributing to the documentation required by both the purchasers andusers of this instrument. Isobarex will benefit from the expertise of the intern in analytical work with mass spectrometers.

Christopher Charles
Faculty Supervisor: 
Drs. William E. Kieser & R. Jack Cornett