Development of the library of nanoparticle contrast probes for tissue clearing 3D microscopy compatible with multi-modal imaging in fluorescence, dark field, MRI, CT and electron microscopy modalities

High resolution 3D microscopy is a rapidly growing area of biomedical research, which has high potential to replace traditional 2D histology used for the analysis of tissue biopsies of cancer and other diseases. However, currently there is a limited availability of contrast agents that can label organs, biological tissues, and cells in a live animal and are compatible with these techniques. Mitacs fellows will work to develop a commercial line of labeling probes which are fully compatible with the 3D microscopy. Furthermore, unique properties of nanoparticles will make these probes highly versatile, allowing the high resolution 3D microscopy to be combined with other imaging modalities, such as MRI, CT, and electron microscopy. This research will position Luna Nanotech as one of the leaders in the field of 3D microscopy and multi-modal imaging.

Kyryl Zagorovsky;Mohamed Abdou Mohamed
Faculty Supervisor: 
Leo Chou
Partner University: