Development of low-cost and lithium-metal stable halide solid electrolytes for high-performance all-solid-state batteries

Conventional Li-ion batteries using liquid electrolytes (LEs) are suffering from insufficient energy density and safety issues when used for the flourishing market of electric vehicles (EVs). Replacing LEs with solid-state electrolytes (SSEs) to fabricate all-solid-state lithium batteries (ASSLBs) has been regarded as an essential route to improve energy density and safety. Basically, a qualified SSE requires high ionic conductivity and electrode compatibility. Halide SSEs become attractive due to their decent ionic conductivity and good cathode compatibility. However, current halide SSEs depend on expensive earth-rare metal elements and are not stable with Li metal anode. Herein, we propose three main directions to address the challenges of halide SSEs for practical pouch cell applications. Namely: (1) developing high-entropy (HE) halide SSEs with low cost, (2) developing Li-metal stable halide SSEs with non-metal elements and element doping, and (3) fabrication of high-performance halide-based pouch-type ASSLBs. GLABAT solid-state battery Inc., as the partner organization, will support and be involved in this project. The success of conducting the project will accelerate the commercialization of ASSLBs, and bring technological innovations to businesses in GLABAT and in Canada.

Feipeng Zhao
Faculty Supervisor: 
Xueliang Andy Sun
Partner University: