Development of Low-Cost, Compact Optical O2 and CO2 Gas Sensors for Portable Metabolic Analyzers

The measurement of O2 consumption (V ?O2, V ?O2 max) and CO2 production (V ?CO2) is important in the health assessment. The goal of this research is to develop inexpensive optical technologies adapted from off-the-shelf components to reduce the cost and improve the performance of metabolic analyzers. VO2 Master, which is our sole partner organization, is a for-profit Vernon-based technology company that manufactures an innovative face-worn metabolic analyzer. The key challenge to be addressed is that commercially available O2 and CO2 sensors (currently integrated into VO2 Master’s analyzer) are not designed to operate under low flow volumes associated with the company’s patented gas sampling technology. Optical sensors will be explored to realize dual gas detection in a compact form factor that is amenable to the flow volumes of VO2 Master’s face-worn analyzer, opening up the potential for both improved performance and lower cost.

Ezra Sebastian
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kenneth Chau;Wesley Zandberg
British Columbia
Partner University: