Development of machine learning and artificial intelligence toolbox to monitor data center risks and performance

Missing Link Technologies Ltd. provides customized and effective solutions to its partners for their IT infrastructure & operations. They are especially involved with solving the IT facilities management challenges of Telcos and Datacenters. The proposed research in collaboration with Missing Link Technologies Ltd. is aimed at leveraging the advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence in risk management, performance assessment and availability prediction of a data center. A suite of tools and techniques will be proposed towards this end. The research will also propose a framework to make the proposed tools available to any other businesses that wants to address similar problems. The research and resulting insights is expected to result significant reduction in operation cost and improved availability of services thus benefiting both the industry collaborator and the customers.

Sabareeshnath Kadamgode Puthenveedu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Pawan Lingras
Nova Scotia
Partner University: