Development of Mass Spectrometry Methods for Global Tissue Metabolome Analysis

Metabolomics is a rapidly growing field involved in detecting and characterizing all the metabolites present in a biological system such as blood, urine, cells and tissues. Metabolomics has been increasingly used in many different areas of applications, including the discovery of metabolite biomarkers for early diagnosis or prognosis of diseases, holistic study of biological systems (often in combination with genomics and proteomics), developing improved strains of crops or plants for increasing yields with higher tolerance to cold and resistance to drought or insect pests, etc. This project focuses on the development of advanced mass spectrometry methods for tissue metabolomics. The developed methods will be implemented in the Metabolomics Innovation Centre to enhance analytical services to researchers in Canada and elsewhere for metabolomics studies. It will also benefit the industry partner, Nova Medical Testing Inc., in metabolomics product offerings.

Wan Chan;Hao Li
Faculty Supervisor: 
Liang Li
Partner University: