Development of natural antioxidant formulation for improved Vitamin A soft gelatin capsules stability and shelf-life

The Marquardt Group at the University of Windsor intends to better understand the stability and degradation of Catalent’s vitamin A soft gel supplement, including the effect of various antioxidants on the degradation. Catalent is one of the largest suppliers of Vitamin A palmitate capsules to Nutrition International (previously Micronutrient Initiative), which is an organization aimed at eliminating malnutrition throughout the world. A team of Marquardt’s graduate students will develop and implement a novel antioxidant (preservative) mixture to extend the shelf life of the current vitamin A soft gel supplement using only “natural” antioxidants. The knowledge gained through this will lead to novel formulations designed to improve the stability of the vitamin A system and thereby improving the lives of people in the developing world.

Michael Nguyen
Mitchell DiPasquale
Faculty Supervisor: 
Drew Marquardt
Partner University: