Development of Neurofeedback Algorithms Supporting Concentration and Subjective Well-Being

We live in an age of distraction and mind-wandering, which has been broadly linked to greater levels of unhappiness, suggesting that many of us might benefit from mindfulness training that allows us to better control our attention. Interaxon Inc. has developed a potentially breakthrough solution to this problem in a device that measures brain activity to facilitate mindfulness attentional training at home. However, there still remain major barriers toward the popularization of this new technology. I propose to partner with Interaxon in solving two of these key barriers: 1) the development of algorithms that adjust for individual differences in neural signatures; and 2) scientific validation of the attentional and emotional benefits of attentional training. Solving these problems will greatly improve the efficacy of this technology and its user-confidence, thus maximizing its social impact on emotional well-being. 

Daniel Hyuk-Joon Lee
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Sylvain Moreno
Project Year: