Development of a new SEN-Flow Index for predicting steel meniscus velocity inside a continuous caster mold by physical modeling experiments

Flat product manufacturers are under constant pressure to increase productivity, and simultaneously maintain high quality of continuously cast steel slabs because of stringent quality demands imposed by their customers. However, increasing productivity has detrimental effects on slab quality, and defects and rejections have a major impact on the producers bottom-line. Controlling fluid flows in continuous casting molds is one of the key parameters to ensure cleaner steel and reduce defects. Physical modelling is an absolutely essential tool to understand and optimize fluid flows in continuous casting. The ultimate goal is to increase caster productivity and improve product quality. The proposed research project is aligned with AM Dofasco’s strategic vision and business goals, and will create immediate benefits to ArcelorMittal Dofasco, located in Ontario, Canada.

Bikram Konar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kinnor Chattopadhyay
Partner University: