Development of novel adsorbent from foam glass for nutrient recovery from industrial and municipal wastewater effluents: steps towards commercialization.

Future scarcity of phosphorus supply, increasing cost and issues of eutrophication are potential drivers promoting nutrient recovery from wastewaters. The proposed project aims to develop cheap and environmentally friendly technology for the recovery of phosphorus and nitrogen from municipal, agricultural, dairy, food processing, petrochemicals, and biomass processing industries wastewaters. Successful completion of the project will benefit the partner organization by helping them solve the technical challenges associated with their patent-pending adsorbent. Also, the project will foster the commercialization of the Npower adsorbent. The Canadian community will benefit from the successful project because the technology could help produce safe and environmentally friendly drinking water. In addition, the biofertilizers could boost agricultural activities and reduce the cost of farming.

Jude Okolie
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hossein Kazemian
British Columbia
Partner University: