Development of Novel Methods for the Automated Extraction of Lipid-Soluble Compounds

Current analytical methods for the extraction of lipid-soluble compounds (fatty acids, cholesterol, antibiotics, pesticides, vitamins) are costly and time-consuming. Recently, we have assessed a novel patent-pending “kit” method for extracting fatty acids and cholesterol from food and tissues with great success. We propose to continue testing this method for extraction of lipid-soluble vitamins, pesticides and antibiotics for the continued sale of kits to potential research laboratories. As a postdoctoral fellow I will continue to have the opportunity to fully engage myself in this project, which is something that Certo Labs has not had the resources to do prior to my first year of the fellowship. This will continue to be of great benefit to Certo Labs as I can continue to develop and assess the utility of our extraction kit on numerous lipid-soluble compounds. Following testing, we now have the capability and resources to package kits and for sale online to end-users.

Adam Metherel
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Ken Stark
Project Year: