Development of novel minimalist design of firearm lock

Existing firearm locks are outdated and need improvement in their ergonomics, safety, and design. A new design to minimize the size of the lock as well as facilitate more intelligent unlocking actions are urgently needed and increase the safety during the storage and transportation of firearms. This research aims to design and develop a new locking system that is minimalistic in design and easy to use. In this research, a new locking system is designed by applying a newly developed design methodology called Domain Integrated Design (DID). This methodology assists the designers to conceptualize multifunctional and multiscale structures inspired by biological systems.
The new padlock must:
· Limit ourself to the thickness of a semi-automatic pistol;
· Develop a new patentable combination lock;
· The concept must be 100% mechanical, without any electronic components;
· Be easy to use in a low light or night environment;
· Have a minimalist/military design;

Pavan Tejaswi Velivela;Siril Teja Dukkipati
Faculty Supervisor: 
Yaoyao Fiona Zhao
Partner University: