Development of a novel nutritional feed additive using guanidinoacetate and methionine for the poultry industry

Creatine has been used as a feed additive in the poultry industry to improve energy metabolism and growth performance. However, because of creatine's relative instability in foodstuffs, GAA has recently been explored as a potential alternative to creatine supplements. GAA is the immediate precursor for creatine production in the body. For this process, another amino acid: methionine, is essential. Therefore, to get the best outcome of GAA supplements, an adequate amount of methionine should be available. GAA plus methionine combination is a promising feed additive to improve meat quality and growth performance in animals. Hence, we are investigating the stability of GAA plus methionine mixture in animal feed to predict the commercial value of the novel feed additive. Moreover, we will perform the safety assessment of this nutritional feed additive using non-animal models. Global animal feed industry aims to improve quality animal products at a low cost. Therefore, properly incorporating nutrients into feed additives will benefit the feed industry, commercial animal farmers, and consumers while fulfilling increasing demands for animal-based proteins.

Mahesha Asiriwardhana
Faculty Supervisor: 
Robert Bertolo
Partner University: