Development of a Novel Twin-screw Extruder for Resource Recovery and Renewable Energy Production from Lignocellulose Biomass and Industrial Organic Wastes

This project focuses on the conversion of renewable resources to fuels, and thereby trains and educates highly qualified and globally aware personnel. The research involves demo-scale testing and optimization at GreenField Ethanol, laboratory experimentation, simulation and modeling, and overall economic process evaluation. The experimental work will be complemented by numerical and analytical modeling. A mobile demonstration scale twin-screw extruder, funded separately and built by GFE, will be used for the pretreatment and solid/liquid separation of the various streams included in this study. Experimental data will be used to estimate drag coefficients from the existing configuration and used to calibrate a network of zones model of the sections in the TSE. These zone models will be calibrated on the existing configuration and then tested against alternate screw configurations to predict the pressure profile and resulting dewatering. The program presents an opportunity for synergy and collaboration between academia, municipalities and industry, which will enable intern to experience diverse research environment and to work in an interdisciplinary and diverse research team, as well as acquiring skills needed in industry such as project scheduling, resource management, report writing, and critical thinking.

Mohammad Niknami
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Hesham El Naggar
Project Year: