Development of a Raman probe for the on-line determination of pulp properties

Canadian northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) market pulps set standards worldwide for fibre strength, length, fineness and uniformity. These characteristics add unmatched strength and durability to finished goods, and this drives a high international demand for NBSK pulp. However, competition has increased the price-performance pressure on Canadian suppliers. The Canadian pulp industry must innovate to sustain its leadership in the world marketplace, developing and implementing process technologies that increase pulp quality, while improving manufacturing efficiency, and decreasing the use of energy and impact on the environment. Industrial laboratories use chemical analysis and physical tests to determine the properties of an in-process pulp and gauge its fitness for a particular end use. But, these laboratory tests add expense to the manufacturing process and have little value for real-time process control. TO BE CONT'D

Ashton Christy
Faculty Supervisor: 
Edward Grant
British Columbia
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