Development of Residential HVAC and Air Conditioning Demand Management and Control Systems

The project aims at the modeling and simulation of the HVAC system for the study of energy conservation strategies. After the optimal energy conservation strategies are found through simulations, a central HVAC controller will be developed for the integrated operation of the Archetype House HVAC equipment which will employ the energy conservation strategies such as moving the heating/cooling load to off peak hours when the electricity price is low, cooling the house with the outside cold air in summer during the night time, changing the setpoint of heating/cooling to optimal level and adjusting the percentage of the fresh and return air in the supply air based on the occupancy level of the house by monitoring carbon-dioxide in the return air duct.

Abdul Afram, Akbar Assa & Ebrahim Poulad
Faculty Supervisor: 
Drs.Farrokh Janabi Sharifi, Alan Fung & Xavier Fernando