Development of the Social Acoustic Metrics for Aircraft Noise Annoyance to Facilitate the Management of Community Expectations

The proposed research will report and deliver a critical review of the current and relevant studies on community annoyance and human health impacts due to noise related to airport and aircraft operations. It will also investigate, identify and analyse the relevant factors, other than the traditional noise metrics (eg., LDN, CNEL, Leq, etc.), associated with community noise annoyance. Part of the research will involve the development of a model using different metrics (including noise, social and psychological criteria) which can be used to predict and measure community annoyance to aircraft noise. Using this model, the development of a community outreach and education program which addresses the specific outcomes of the above investigation will be delivered. A comprehensive report of the findings of the research will be prepared. TO BE CONT'D

Yue Wu
Maryam Allabbad
Julia Jovanovic
Lohay Al-Bass
Faculty Supervisor: 
Colin Novak
Partner University: