Development of a standardized assay for after cooking darkening by which to support cultivar selection for breeding program and timing from storage for optimum processing

Two types of color changes occur in potato, raw potato darkening and after cooking darkening. We are investigating the factors behind each type of darkening in three potato cultivars (Chieftain, Goldrush, and Yukon Gold). Effect of digging method (hand/mechanical) and storage time (after 3,5, and 7 mo) were studies to find if the digging method and/or storage has any effect on darkening. In addition we are developing a digital photography system and color intensity measuring software to use in industry as inexpensive, quick, and more accurate determination of potato discoloration. Digital photography and color measuring software will eventually replace visual scoring of potato discoloration which is currently used in industry.

Al-Amir Al-Weshahy
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Danielle Donnelly, Dr. Stan Kubow