Development of STAT inhibitors as Cancer therapeutics

The aim of the project is to develop molecules capable of treating cancer. Currently, chemotherapeutics used in the clinic kill cancer as well as healthy cells; this broad mechanism of action results in high toxicity to the patient. In contrast, our approach is to generate a targeted therapeutic that will work against STAT5, a specific protein which is overexpressed in breast cancer. This approach will limit the toxicity associated with currently used treatments. This goal will be achieved in two steps: one, to map out the interactions required to inhibit STAT5; two, to use the knowledge generated in the previous step in order to synthesize a targeted therapeutic agent. New, targeted therapeutic agents are necessary in the clinic to reduce the toxicity currently experienced by patients. This project aims to help society by generating lower toxicity anti-cancer agents.

Rodolfo Gómez
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Patrick Gunning
Project Year: