Development of a tele-health rehabilitation system to provide automatic assessment of patients’ performance, improve patients’ adherence and enable remote rehabilitation-Phase II

Lack of customized patient education leads to medical errors which are the third leading cause of death in North America. Most patients don’t fully understand the role they need to play before and after their surgeries for reasons like language barriers. They forget up to 80% of the information provided to them, and half of what is remembered is misremembered. It means there is a chance that surgeries won’t happen as planned. That’s dangerous for patients and can be frustrating and expensive for caregivers. This project offers AI-powered software as a medical device, providing personalized information through animated medical guides. Except for educational materials, our portal connects patients and caregivers through a unified communication channel and provides an analytic dashboard, to monitor patients’ progress for healthcare providers. This will improve health outcomes and decrease complications of the care journey.

Somayeh Norouzi Ghazbi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sander Hitzig;Jan Andrysek;Roger Goldstein
Partner University: