Development of a tele-health rehabilitation system to provide automatic assessment of patients’ performance, improve patients’ adherence and enable remote rehabilitation-(market and competitor analysis, regulatory & software design)

Poor physical recovery, especially in remote rehabilitation, is the problem that will be addressed in this project.This project is Phase I of development of Fun-exercise module. Fun-exercise system uses gamification to boost patients’ adherence to their prescribed home-exercises. To achieve this goal, Fun-exercise will use mentally stimulating and customizable games paired with a set of wearable sensors to provide feedback to ensure activities are being done correctly. In phase I, patient study and conceptual design of the Fun-exercise module will be undertaken. Patient study determines and characterizes the target exercise and patient groups. This project will help the partner organizations to drive innovation and technology development in Canada. The work conducted by intern will inform the broader community about industry trends, the impact of different present and emerging technologies on various industries, as well as foster the growth of innovative technologies within the Canadian economy.

Leyla Hasandoost
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mark Towler
Partner University: