Development of a terpene standard mixture for the comprehensive assessment of edible and essential oils

The demand for medical and therapeutic applications with terpene for human and agriculture wellness is booming with a projected market size of $1.01 billion by 2028. With over 30,000 known terpenes, the potential breakthroughs and impact on health and medicine is enormous. However, current standards are limited to the number of terpenes we can categorically identify and quantify for studying with average 21 terpene components in a single mixture. We’ve developed a novel natural, plant-derived terpene standard mixture with 200 terpenes covering many different classes and molecular size along with analytical methods to use the mixture. This research will be a promising innovation for the partner organization sponsor for, which will bridge the gap in the market to empower researchers, formulators, and practitioners with a better tool to assess terpene-based product’s quality, safety and validate its therapeutic value or use.

Le Anh Minh Nguyen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Raymond Thomas
Partner University: