Development of testing & quality control methods for e-textiles

From the invention and commercialization points of view, the world of the textile industry has been undergoing revolutionary changes at an unprecedented speed with novel research works in the field of textile processing chemicals, fibres and yarns, technical textiles, and now e-textiles (electronic textiles). E-textiles have massive potentials to change the health care, safety, and protection industries due to their unique capability to sense physiological and environmental conditions, alert about a potential issue, and mitigate the change in conditions. However, the current e-textile industry is facing some limitations to formulate universal testing and quality control standards necessary for industrial implementation and mass adoption. This PhD project will target electrical performance testing methods and investigate different configurations of the e-textiles, and the impact of environmental and mechanical factors on their electrical conductivity. TO BE CONT'D

Ikra Iftekhar Shuvo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Patricia Dolez
Partner University: