Development of Wireless sensors using microfabrication techniques

The goal of the partnership is to develop new wireless pressure and torque sensors for commercial applications, transfer knowledge to industry to commercialize research advances, and train new highly trained personnel (HQP) with skills sought after in Canada’s growing high tech sector. The industrial partner, EPIC Semiconductors, develops new innovative technologies for customers so that they can gain a competitive advantage in their industries. EPIC Semiconductors currently does not have a cleanroom facility. Through the proposed partnership between EPIC Semiconductors and Dr. Adachi’s team at SFU, EPIC Semiconductors will gain microelectronic fabrication expertise, and facility access to multiple labs including the Engineering Science cleanroom, photonics lab, and 4DLABs through the research team. This partnership will facilitate development of microfabrication compatible processes that offer batch fabrication and scalability for low cost manufacturing.

Hamidreza Ghanbari
Faculty Supervisor: 
Michael Adachi
British Columbia
Partner University: