Diagnostic and Monitoring Tool for Amputee Patients Wearing a Prosthesis

In this project, we propose a universal internet of things (IoT) device that connects between the residual limb of an amputee patient and the prosthesis to measure the patient’s comfort levels. This device's novelty lies in its ability to physically connect to most of the currently available prosthetic devices to provide the user with insightful and relevant data such as the pressure points, the wear time per day, or feedback on movement efficiency. The data collected using a combination of pressure, proximity, and IMU sensors is collected and transmitted via Bluetooth to the user's corresponding cellphone application. Additionally, we focus on building a comprehensive and easily expandable design for future iterations by developing easy to use and expand hardware and software architecture. This device will lay down the groundwork for a future artificial intelligence-enhanced feedback system for amputee patients wearing prosthetic devices.

Kocelia Cherfouh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jason Gu
Nova Scotia
Partner University: