Digital Tools and Techniques to Enable Mass Customization of Prefabricated Housing

Mass customization is a multifaceted process that involves managing various aspects, such as managerial, and technical. Housing, unlike other products, requires a considered response to social and cultural issues when gathering clients’ preferences. There have been valuable contributions to the process of mass customization of housing in diverse domains. On the one hand, researches have attempted to develop design systems that could be used by architects or homebuyers to customize dwellings on various levels, ranging from direct participation in unit layout, to finishing material selection. On the other hand, efforts have been made to explore the potential of digital fabrication and how it could be deployed to produce mass customized housing. However, innovative computational techniques require an exploration of new opportunities in the process of mass customization of housing. The proposed research project will explore the potential of computational design methods and tools towards enabling high level of customization in the prefabricated housing industry. It is believed that understanding users’requirements and needs is the starting point for successfully achieving mass customization. Customers should be considered as partners in the value creating process.

Basem Eid Mohamed
Faculty Supervisor: 
Aaron Sprecher
Project Year: