Dino Island: Improving Executive Functioning in Very Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Many children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have problems with attention and executive functions (EF). Cognitive interventions have great potential to improve attention/EF and related skills (e.g., academic learning, social function, behaviour etc.), but few such interventions exist with even fewer that can be delivered at home. In light of COVID-19, parent-delivered interventions are crucial for continuity of healthcare for children with ASD. We will evaluate the efficacy of a new attention/EF intervention (Dino Island), as delivered by parents at home to their children with ASD. Half of the children will complete a 12-week attention/EF intervention whereas the other half will complete a control intervention. We will conduct pre- and post- testing to assess cognitive, academic, and behavioral outcomes. We will also gather information on the use of an on-line telehealth tool (TelerooTM) for delivering home-based interventions.

John Sheehan;Buse Bedir;Jessica Lewis
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sarah Macoun
British Columbia
Partner University: