Discovery of Novel Inhibitors to Mitigate Morphogen NODAL-mediated Proliferation of Cancer Cells using a Novel Genetically-encoded Bicyclic Peptide Ligand as Reference.

The proposed project will focus on discovering novel drug candidates as a targeted therapy for cancer using computational and synthetic approaches. 48Hour Discovery INC (48HD) aims to build a high-value drug discovery platform for internal drug discovery programs and for clients that provide synthetic molecules with drug-like properties to maximize the success of early drug discovery efforts. 48HD has developed genetically-encoded technologies that accelerate drug discovery to find new and better drug candidates. They provide services in ligand discovery for research networks, academics and the pharmaceutical industry using a patented process. The current project will add a key resource to the 48HD team to help build out a molecular discovery pipeline that provides rapid access to stable and efficacious drug-like molecules for cancer treatment. The success of the proposed project will create new job openings and thus will increase revenue for 48HD and its clients. The majority of 48HD’s clients are internationally based companies and as a result, the revenue generated at 48HD is incremental for the Canadian economy.

Ismat Luna
Faculty Supervisor: 
Frederick West
Partner University: