Does the Internationalization of Higher Education in Canadian Universities/Colleges Promote Inclusion or a Structure of Exploitation? A Study of South Asian Students’ Perspectives

This research investigates the experiences of South Asian international students in Ontarian universities and colleges to understand how these institutions have been addressing these students’ diverse needs for their socio-cultural and academic integration. While working closely with the Councils of Agencies Serving South Asians (CASSA), this study will interview South Asian students in at least two Ontarian universities and colleges and will attempt to examine their experiences, needs, and difficulties in Canada. This study will also offer recommendations for future interventions to address students’ needs. This project benefits CASSA by addressing their target communities’ needs and difficulties as the study will promote CASSA’s anti-oppressive social justice research and create consciousness among South Asian and other communities in Canada and supports for all international students in Canada.

Tanzina Tahereen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Elizabeth Buckner
Partner University: