Dreamcatcher Informatics: a Web-based and Mobile Information System to Support Land Management, Consultation, and the Preservation of History, Culture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge

The role of this internship is to assist in reaching the SSHRC goal for theDreamcatcher system of capturing cultural data, traditional ecological knowledge, and traditional land use in order to create as full of a historical, cultural, and economic record as is possible as well as strong land use management/consultation, water management, asset management, and public health systems. This information will inform cultural research, treaty negotiations, and community development. This goal will be reached by the intern: 1) in researching, collecting and editing the oral histories of members of MNCFN to populate the Dreamcatcher system,2) in researching the histories/lives of members of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation that have served Canada in military service and creating narratives for inclusion in the Dreamcatcher system, and 3) disseminating of the collected data through writing of articles and conference presentations.

Julia Stevens
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Donald Cowan