Dried and redispersible oat oil emulsion powders stabilized by methyl cellulose and nanocellulose

This work aims to protect oat oil and produce new formulated products for food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and household care applications. Specifically, nanocellulose and food-grade cellulose derivatives will be used to stabilize oat oil-in-water emulsions which will be dried into oil powders using spray drying. The powders appear dry but are >90% liquid oil and can be used in the dry form or reconstituted by hand-shaking them in water. Attempts to isolate nanocellulose from oat hulls will be undertaken as a step towards “all oat” dry oat oil powders. This new processing method and encapsulation strategy will have economic, environmental and societal benefits for the agricultural sector and Canada.

Megan Roberts
Faculty Supervisor: 
Emily Cranston
British Columbia
Partner University: