Drug Safety and Effectiveness in Canadians During Viral Pandemics – Part 3

Factors that contribute to the generation of misinformation and distrust in Canadians around drug and vaccine safety and effectiveness include the impact of poor-quality or underpowered studies to influence the perception of therapeutic effectiveness, research priorities, and resource allocation; and the lack of understanding in the processes involved in drug and vaccine research, development, monitoring, and approval. Therefore, our project aims to continue on-going work to track and appraise Canadian COVID-19 clinical trials, to conduct a systematic review of Health Canada authorized trials, and to identify the steps and regulations involved in the development, approval, and distribution of safe and effective therapeutics to Canadians. Additionally, we aim to encourage a national network of pharmacologists, pharmacists, and trainees to educate Canadians on drug and vaccine safety and development. Through this work the CSPT can provide leadership in the development of future clinical trials and in educating practitioners and the public on therapeutics.

Antonios Diab
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kerry Goralski;Shaun Boe
Nova Scotia
Partner University: