Dynamic Network Management and Performance Optimization for Smart Talk Beacon’s security architecture

Internet of things (IoT) systems require significant management related to external intrusions, internal threats, device failures, access management, and performance monitoring. In addition to network management issues, quality of service (QoS) must be maintained to predict changes and determine device and network performance. A good IoT system should be able to identify, track, and mitigate problems while dynamically adjusting its operation. Smart Talk Beacon’s architecture is based on a no-trust security framework where devices rely on authentication and encryption to securely communicate with each other. No-trust security framework in such systems is challenging and can pose vulnerabilities because of the heterogeneous nature of the end-to-end architecture. The main objective of this project is to analyze the QoS performance and propose a QoS algorithm in the Smart Talk Beacon’s IoT security architectur

Makhdumabanu Saiyed
Faculty Supervisor: 
Irfan Al-Anbagi
Partner University: