Earth Diver: Digital Land-based Worlding

This project pilots “Earth Diver” an online digital ‘land-based’ creation, curation, and exhibition site in the virtual world platform Second Life. The project re-imagines the digital gallery space as a virtual expression of Indigenous pedagogies, land relations, and sovereignty. Guided by Ojibwe Anishinaabe philosophies our team of artists, philosophers and environmental scientists work together to create a series of immersive and interactive environments, habitats, stories and objects that express, enact, and reflect Indigenous thought, relationships to land, ancestral teachings, languages, cultural traditions, pasts, presents and futures. The project will culminate with a virtual exhibition of the work, and series of 5 community-based workshops. Programmed by Native Women in the Arts (NWIA), the project’s processes inform NWIA’s digital strategy, and advance their goals to support Indigenous women, gender non-conforming and transgender artists.

Mariel Belanger;Lydia Johnson;Reuben Clark
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dolleen Tiisawii’asii Manning;Mary Bunch
Partner University: