Ecomuseums: Local community engagement, identity and governance.

Ecomuseums are primarily community-based endeavors that respond to local needs while concentrating on sustainability. They help guide and develop democratic projects that focus on connections to local history and heritage, which include local physical geographic features, natural resources, natural habitats and agricultural practices. This research concentrates on three case studies in southern Saskatchewan to study ecomuseum citizen participation and governance. Three unique ecomuseums are used as case studies. The three case studies are embedded within the context of social-economic disparity, rural-urban connections, and environmental advocacy. My aim is to explore ecomuseum citizen participation and governance. The anticipated results will help identify the various forms of citizen participation and governance employed by local ecomuseums. I hope this research will benefit local communities and my partner organization by expanding the ecomuseum concept and building fruitful connections between the University of Regina, local communities and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Adela Kincaid
Faculty Supervisor: 
Amber Fletcher
Partner University: