Economic development through sustainable forest management at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve

Master of Forest Conservation Candidates from the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Toronto will partake in the research and development of biochar in Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve Ltd. Studies will provide a greater basis for certification and standardization of the product for use in forest systems and operations in Haliburton Forest, as well as in urban gardening applications as a soil amendment. The proposed research will contribute to the qualification of Haliburton Forest biochar as an assured, reliable product with valued marketable traits, as well as highly favorable ecological effects. Studies will also aim to establish and identify positive growth relationships between biochar and mushrooms of special interest for cultivation based on their desirable commercial properties in Haliburton Forest.

Nina Renee Shach & TBD
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Sean Thomas
Project Year: