Economic impact and feasibility analysis of public investments in broadband connectivity, and in other sectors

Interns will perform research leading to the design or the implementation of new economic strategies that can be utilized in the design, financing, monitoring and evaluation of projects at different stages. Specifically, interns will work on an analysis of equitable access to broadband connectivity in Kingston, ON, as part of the City’s plan to expand broadband access. By analyzing the benefits of broadband access and where gaps currently exist, the research will result in policy recommendations. A second area of research involves looking at innovative financing mechanisms for projects in the international development and domestic social sectors. Interns will research how to use these tools to maximize project impact, and determine how lessons learned from similar financing arrangements in infrastructure projects might apply to the social sector.

Ardyn Nordstrom;Emma Kinakin;Katerina Gribben;Neal Mckegney
Faculty Supervisor: 
Huw Lloyd-Ellis;Warren Mabee
Partner University: