The Economic Impact, Social, and Public Value of MedicAlert Foundation Canada (MAFCA)

In Canada, about 1 in every 3 Canadians has a medical condition, or takes medication, that would be important
to know about in an emergency situation. That’s why, since 1961, Medic Alert Foundation Canada (MAFCA) has
helped to protect over 1 million Canadians by helping first responders and healthcare providers get access to
health information quickly. However, though the work of MAFCA is undoubtedly important, we do not yet
understand the full impact or value of this work. For this reason, to fully realize the benefits of MAFCA to
Canadians, this research project will seek to evaluate the economic impact of MAFCA’s work as well as the extent
of public value for MAFCA. Through this research, we believe that MAFCA will be better equipped to help expand
the MAFCA program to more Canadians.

Amber Gillespie
Faculty Supervisor: 
Andrew Papadopoulos
Partner University: