Ecosystem management of the forests of central Quebec

The deciduous forests of southern Quebec have been heavily impacted by centuries of human disturbances and now bear little resemblance to the forests initially encountered by European settlers. In the coming decades, the climate in this region is expected to change considerably, thus facilitating novel insect pest and disease attacks in these forests. However, not all forests are equally susceptible to these potential threats; certain forest types could prove more resilient than others.

In the proposed  study, we will evaluate the resilience of dominant forest types to climate change and insect and disease attacks in the Centre du Quebec region. We will also identify areas within this region that are particularly vulnerable to these disturbances. The expected results of the proposed study will contribute to the development of forest management strategies that will enhance the resilience of forests in the Centre du Quebec region to future disturbances.

Dylan James Craven
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Christian Messier