An EDA tool for layout retargeting of analog integrated circuits in advanced technologies

With the advances in the technology and shrinkage of the device sizes, many new challenges have been introduce in the design process of electronic devices. Therefore, the designers are required to spend so much time and effort and go through several cycles of design and test to tackle these challenges. This is even more serious in analog IC designs, where even small deviations from device parameters may lead to huge performance loss. Electronic design automation (EDA) tools can provide great support to the designers by addressing the new technology challenges. However, most commercially available tools are only suitable for digital circuits. Therefore, in this project we aim to develop an EDA tool that can provide great support to analog designers by addressing the new technology challenges and speeding up the design and test process. This product has a lot of potential to be commercialized and deployed by any designer who need to design an analog device in advanced technology nodes.

Mehrnaz Ahmadi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lihong Zhang
Nova Scotia
Partner University: