Effect of a topical magnesium gel on exercise recovery.

This project will examine the effects of a topical magnesium gel on exercise recovery. Eccentric exercise, including downhill running, is known to cause muscle damage, soreness, and inflammation. Oral magnesium supplements have been shown to protect against some of the muscle damage and soreness. Petra has developed a topical magnesium gel that they believe will be able to reduce muscle soreness, damage, and inflammation in a similar fashion to oral-supplements, and will be easy to use after a workout. The intern will examine how well the magnesium gel reduces soreness, muscle damage, and inflammation following 40min of downhill treadmill running compared to a placebo gel. The benefits to the partner organization will be to determine whether the magnesium gel will be useful for improving recovery in recreational athletes.

Alexandra Coates
Faculty Supervisor: 
Martin Gibala
Partner University: