Effective concrete mixes for Saskatchewan side walks using locally available pop-out prone aggregates

A disturbing number of aggregate pop-out cases have recently been observed in newly poured concrete throughout the City of Saskatoon. A “pop-out” is a small, often cone-shaped void in a horizontal concrete surface left after a near-surface aggregate particle has fractured. Aggregate pop-outs can accelerate the deterioration of concrete sidewalks and can result in safety hazards to pedestrians and increased maintenance costs. Every year, the City of Saskatoon removes and replaces deteriorated sidewalk panels throughout the city. Many of these locations contain transit stops, mobility ramps and access to businesses and/or residences. Aggregate pop-outs affect a large amount of concrete poured every year within the City of Saskatoon. Development of cost-effective remedial techniques for reducing, and possibly eliminating, pop out damage to concrete surfaces will help The City greatly reduce the need to sidewalk replacement or repair while improving their aesthetics and safety.

Jawdat Alfarra
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mohamed Boulfiza
Partner University: