The Effects of Active Road Signs on Road Safety and Driving Behavior

This project seeks to evaluate the benefits of deploying active road signs on road safety and driving behavior. Different types of iluminated and traffic responsive traffic signs will be considered, under urban and rural setting. Two case studies will be analyzed for this purpose. The company expects to identify demonstrate that their products are beneficial to improve road safety. This represents an initial stage of the larger project. Eventually, the industrial partner seeks to develop a global framework for deployment of active traffic signs based on several factors (e.g. type of roadway, speeds, traffic volume, road users, etc.). The intern will benefit from exposure to the latest advacements in the area of traffic data collection and processing. Also, the student will be in charge with developing and executing the analysis methodology of the collected traffic data. Road safety is a very important studye in are in transportation engineering and this is also the focus area of the PhD student involved in the project.

Matin Giahi Foomani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Ciprian Alecsandru
Project Year: